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Event Co-ordination Unit
Consultation - Planning - Brokerage - Delivery

Event Medical - Event Security - Event Management - Festival Welfare

About us

The Event Co-ordination Unit plans, delivers and manages all event cover group wide, we can cover a broad range of events, sizes and complexities except very large events and operate throughout the Southwest Peninsular. Actual delivery may be any of our internal service delivery units, working alone or in combination, they maybe supported by our specialist units.

We may from time to time call on the support from one of our associate industry partner companies.


We offer free advise and discussion on a suitable level of cover for your event, on a non committal basis, we will not try to sell input that is not really necessary, or higher grades when they are not indicated by risk assessment, We work from the Purple Guide, Our Senior Planning Team have over 60 years collective experience in event work and both work in a NHS clinical or semi-clinical role.

Based on our discussions with stakeholders we will assess your needs and commence planning on your behalf keeping you informed at all stages.

As discussed above we may from time to time need to work alongside other providers to increase the size of our team, this may also include networking with Event Security Providers or an Event management Team thus offering a "one stop" service.

As discussed actual service delivery will be via one of our internal Service Delivery Units with or without input from external partner providers. 

Our charges start at £110, service provision may be by volunteers, paid providers or a combination of both, We are not VAT registered therefore do not need to add VAT to your invoice.

We are fully insured for Medical Malpractice, Public Liability and Employers liability.

Post event we will internally review the event and often ask stakeholders to participate in this process as a means of seeing where and how we can improve our service.

Contact Information
To open a dialogue with our planning team and commence a consultation process Tel 01803 315251 [24hour answerphone, or 01626 437480, e-Mail or complete the on-line request form
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